Cut the Cable and Enjoy HDTV Anywhere

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    Between Netflix, Amazon Video on demand, and the Zune Marketplace I'm really convinced I don't need our cable subscription. I'm not sure of the exact amount we'll save to drop back to internet access only, but I'm sure it will be enough to offset the purchase of a Roku HD to provide content to the TV that doesn't have a 360 hooked up to it.

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    I agree, network based tuners are the way to go.  With this, even that portable netbook can watch Live TV around the home.  If you need digital cable, SiliconDust is working on a 3-tuner cablecard solution they plan on releasing this year.  Also, it was suggested at CES that AT&T's U-Verse, based on MediaRoom will be accessible from within XBox and Windows Media Center.

    @Duncanma:  I think Microsoft should approach Roku for a possible acquistion or workout a partnership to make Silverlight the primary app and on of the supported media delivery mechanism for their devices.

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    I really wish the UK would sort out the cable system the same way the US cable card seems to be doing.  I would love to move to a network based tuner system, but until I can find a system that works with Sky or Virgin without going the digital->analogue->digital I'm kind of stuck.

    Well actuall I only really want a couple of premium changes, other than that I have a US point of presences I can VPN to so I can use Amazon, Hulu and the like, but it really shouldn't be this hard should it?


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