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We’ve talked in the past about Silverlight and Deep Zoom and have featured many creative uses of the technology including sites like, Europe’s One Big Weekend website, and even an Obama Deep Zoom. However, we have to admit that this latest Deep Zoom site we stumbled across beats anything we’ve seen before in terms of just being a really funny and clever use of Deep Zoom: DeepLOL. As you may have guessed from the title, this site is a deep zoom site of nothing other than lolcats. That’s right – lolcats, the crazy kitty pictures that are still one of the hottest memes on the internet today. The site features two of the most iconic lolcat images, which, if you zoom in on them, are revealed as being made up of hundreds and hundreds of other lolcat pictures. You could spend a long time on this site zooming in and out and moving around to see them all, so lolcat fans be warned before you click -  it’s the best time waster ever.

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