Dell’s Inspiron Duo is the World’s First Fliptop PC

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Laptop, Desktop, now Fliptop. Dell may state their new Inspiron Duo PC has a flip-hinge design, but I think Fliptop is a much better way to describe their innovative new form factor.

At first glance, the Duo looks like a standard 10.1” notebook, but give that screen a little tap, and it’ll flip right around to switch into a touch-screen tablet.

Armed with Windows 7 Home Premium, Intel’s Atom N550 processor and 2GB RAM, the Inspiron Duo also packs a suite of touch apps to convert the PC into a picture frame, alarm clock and touch screen music player. Drop it into the optional JBL Audio Station speaker dock and you can really get the party started.

It’s dinky, so you’ll only get a couple of USB 2.0 ports, but there’s 320GB hard drive on board, Bluetooth and 802.11n Wi-Fi connectivity and a SIM Card socket for web on the road. As ever in life, not all is perfect – note that the Duo lacks Ethernet and video out ports, so it’s very much designed to be a mobile device.

Remember, “Fliptop”, you heard it here first. Rats, just checked the web. Everyone’s calling it a fliptop. Bah.


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    That will be a hit at the 1960's science fair

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    Yeah, the lack of video/hdmi port is a bummer but the bigger issue for me is why they didn't put the webcam on the "flippy" you could skype or what not when it is sitting in its dock.  With a few hardware improvements (hdmi, directx, viewing angle, webcam), I think Dell has a great "device" on their hands.  Microsoft has alot of work to do to make Windows work great on these devices though.  I'm a bit hestitant in buying a Windows based slate until I know what Microsoft has planned to address this.

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    I wonder where Dell got their inspiration from...remember this...

    clio c1000


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    Jeff Parker

    Lame, weak processor, weak specs, looks clunky, lame

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    @Jeff Parker: Flipflop rather than Fliptop, huh?  Smiley

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    i can buy it.. good stuff..

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