Desktops 1.0: A New Virtual Desktop Sysinternals App

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When Microsoft bought Mark Russinovich’s Sysinternals site back in July 2006, I.T. pros and power users everywhere were thrilled to have all of these tools available from one convenient location on the web. If there was any fear that the purchase would mean the end of development for these great apps and utilities, those fears were soon assuaged. Today’s Sysinternals website features all the programs organized into categories like networking utilities, system information, file and disk utilities, and so on, and new ones are released on a regular basis. And to keep updated on those releases, there is the Sysinternals RSS feed – subscribe to this and you’ll always know when there’s a new utility for you to play with.

Recently, that feed was updated and I came across Desktops 1.0, a new utility for virtual desktops in Windows. The software is very much like this old XP Powertoy, but the difference is that Desktops 1.0 runs on Vista. The program itself is very simple. A .exe file installs the software which can be configured to run upon startup or not. You can specify what hotkey combination should be used to switch between the four desktops and then the app sits in your system tray, ready for you to swap between the different desktops as often as you wish. 

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