DigiTweet, a Gorgeous New Twitter Application

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DigiTweet (Beta) by Digiflare is a beautiful new Twitter desktop application built with WPF and .NET technologies. The software, still under development, provides Windows users with a decent alternative to TweetDeck, an Adobe AIR app (and often a resource hog). In DigiTweet, you have a similar dashboard interface to that of TweetDeck which you can use to view and send tweets, read and reply to DMs, and more. It includes TinyURL and Twitpic support, too.

Of course, TweetDeck users will want columns for tracking their friends and searches – that is, in fact, the primary reason that TweetDeck became so popular after all. DigiTweet doesn’t have that feature yet, but it will soon. Very soon. In fact, it’s only days away.  The next release (Beta 2), will arrive on April 15th and will include a Friends List, Search panes, and some other secret features they won’t tell us about just yet.


Then, by the end of April, another beta release will arrive to introduce Favorites, Windows 7 Taskbar enhancements and jumplists. Yes! A Twitter app designed for Windows 7!

That’s especially good news since TweetDeck is the one and only application that doesn't seem to know how to behave properly in the beta operating system that is Windows 7. When I minimize it, for example, I can’t pull it back up from the Taskbar. Instead, I have to go to the system tray, right-click on the icon, and choose “Reset Window.” Combine that with the massive amount of memory it eats up – usually more than twice what my web browser is using – and I’ll admit that I’m thrilled to finally have an alternative application.

Although the version out now, available at digitweet.codeplex.com, isn’t a complete TweetDeck replacement yet, it definitely sounds like the future version will be. In the meantime, I’m making the transition to get acquainted with this new app while I wait for the updates to arrive.

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