WPF Disk Space Finder

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Want to know what’s eating up your disk space on your PC? In the past, we’ve shared some tools that help you analyze your disks, but now there’s a new one to try: Disk Space Finder. This new tool is sleek, running on WPF, and simple to use. While some tools present their findings in ways that only true computer geeks could love, Disk Space Finder is aimed more squarely at the average user. Instead of offering a myriad of complex options for analyzing the results of its scan, Disk Space Finder will display a pie chart on the right showing used space, and a file explorer on the left. This makes interpreting the findings very easy. However, if you want to empty a folder, you need to click the “open folder” icon and do the job yourself – no automated assistance here. There are sometimes when you just need a basic tool for the job. If that’s the case, Disk Space Finder is worth a look. [Works on 64-bit]

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