Echo: A Gorgeous Desktop Radio Player

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Nice! Steve Clayton recently pointed us to a new desktop radio player application called Echo from Thirteen23. The company, known for their beautifully-designed interfaces that make heavy use of WPF technology, is also the maker of the Netflix desktop client called Drama which we previously reviewed here.

With Echo, you can stream music over the internet just by typing in your favorite artist or musical genre. The app then begins playing the music in a way that’s similar to how’s online player operates -it plays a never-ending stream of songs based on your input. The app can also suggest artists who are related to what you’re currently listening to. Since the app remembers what you’ve listened to in the past, you can also easily revisit what you’ve just heard. You can save stations as favorites, too. Other features include a mini-mode and an all-in-one volume control.


Echo is available as a free download here. The site says that it’s for Windows Vista, but it should work fine on Windows 7 too.

The Discussion

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    Gorgeous.  Where are they getting the content from?

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    In win7 it says it requires windows media 10 or refuses to do anything else, it does not see wm12 as a viable player it seems.  Pitty, it is very nice looking from the screenshots.

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