Email Entire Folders in Outlook with New YouSendIt Plugin

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The online service YouSendIt is a popular destination for sharing large files over the web. They also offer an Outlook plugin and a newer Microsoft Office plugin which integrates the YouSendIt service into all the Office programs. This type of service is useful since the majority of email servers and services have limits on the size of files which can be attached to a message as well as limits on the size of incoming messages which can be received. But as any business user knows, sharing files – often multiple, large files – is a part of their everyday work life. (Though Mesh is a great option for this too.)

Recently, the YouSendIt announced a new feature for the Outlook plugin that makes file sharing via email even easier than before. With their latest Outlook plugin, you now have the ability to send entire folders via email with just one click. These folders can be as large as 2 gigabytes in size, too! You’re also able to configure Outlook to automatically send files over a certain size via YouSendIt or you can have it prompt you instead.

According to a June 2009 study from Osterman Research, the average worker sends and receives 44,700 e-mails per year, 29 percent of which have file attachments.  Of those attachments, 45 percent are larger than 10 MB, so there’s a clear use case for implementing YouSendIt in a business environment.

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