Enhance TV On Your PC With Channel Logos in Windows Media Center

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A very cool media tip today from James Tenniswood’s excellent blog – using a PC as your digital video recorder (DVR) is a great way to ensure you never miss your favourite shows.

Windows Media Center comes with an integrated TV Guide (unfortunately not available in all countries) which brings together listings from all of the channels your PC’s TV Tuner can receive, with the ability to filter specific types of show – News, Films, Sports, Kids’ TV and so on. Compared to pretty much all of the set-top box EPGs I’ve used here in the UK (and there have been a few!) it’s superb.

But, thanks to a small app called My Channel Logos, it can be made even cooler.  My Channel Logos does one thing, and one thing only. It downloads and installs logos for each of the channels available in your TV Guide. Nice and simple.

You can choose from monochrome or full colour logos, set the application to automatically update logos when new versions are available, and… that’s about it. But it certainly adds a that final bit of polish to Media Center's awesome TV experience and is available for free (or for a highly recommended developer donation, if you can spare it).


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