Ensure You’re No Longer Fingers and Thumbs in the Cold

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Tricky situations in modern life #237: Using smartphones and other portable devices outdoors in the winter. Despite the best efforts of UI designers and engineers, it’s nigh on impossible to operate a handheld device with gloves on. In years gone by, that was probably okay – if it was a call on our mobile phone, we can call them back when we’re indoors. But nowadays, your phone is a heck of a lot more useful in the moment than, well, a phone used to be.

Let’s say you get lost in a blizzard -  GPS to the rescue! Ah, that’s going to require at least 1 minute of gloveless typing in the middle of a deep freeze. Not good. Okay, pull off a glove, find the app, get a position, try to type in your desired destination – hand freezes up, impossible to type any more.

The answer to this seasonal quandary is most definitely Freehands. Filed under “ideas so bad they’re actually quite good” Freehands offer a wide range of gloves with removeable thumb and index finger. Fleece? Cashmere? Wool? Soft Shell? They have the lot.

Now your Winter portable electronics emergency is easily resolved. Terrible track comes on the headphones requiring a shuffle? Must-have photo of snowball fight required? Mobile video opportunity of the kids sledging? Just pop off a finger and thumb, and you’re all set with only minor cooling impact.

They’re sure to be seen in a Sky Mall catalogue soon, so check them out before they go mainstream!



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