Even Copy & Paste Gets a Revamp in Office 2010

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Is it possible to improve upon something as simple as Copy & Paste? Apparently so. In the newest version of Microsoft Office, the paste function includes an all-new feature: Live Preview Paste.

Although among the most used actions when creating a document, paste is the most frequently undone action, the Office team discovered based on usage data they analyzed. Why is that? Because pasted content does not always functioned as expected, usually due to formatting issues.

This means users either have to go back and reformat after a paste or undo the paste and then paste again, selecting the appropriate setting (thinned format, remove formatting, etc.) beforehand. These settings are available through the “Paste Special” feature, of course, but a lot of casual Office users don’t realize that feature exists.

Now, in Office 2010, Paste Special is giving way to Live Paste Previews. In the “Paste Options Gallery” (a menu of choices that appears when pasting), you can hover over an item being pasted and preview the paste’s formatting using the actual content being pasted.

The options displayed in the Paste Options Gallery are contextual – meaning they change based on what you’ve copied and where that content is being pasted. So for example, if you’re pasting in Excel, you might see options revealing different cell formatting, but in Word you might see options to paste with or without hyperlinks or as plain text.

And if you prefer pasting using keyboard shortcuts, you can still access the new Paste Options too. After hitting Ctrl + V to paste, just press Ctrl one more time to bring up the options.

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