Family Show 3 Arrives

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You may remember hearing about Family.Show – it’s a pretty well-known and well-liked reference application for WPF development that started a couple of years back. The idea was to design a real-world app that could show off the power and beauty of what WPF could do. The application functions as a way to track your family’s genealogy – a favorite hobby of many adults I know as well as a popular project for school children.

Now the Family.Show application has been updated to version 3 to take advantage of some of the innovations from the latest WPF releases including LINQ, data validation, and more.

In addition, the developers went through the requests on the Codeplex site where the code is hosted and have implemented lots of suggestions to make it an even better tool for general purpose genealogy purposes.

WPF developers interested in using the app as a reference tool will also be happy to know that the code has been refactored to make more of the controls easily resusable in other applications.

You can check out the new version of Family.Show on Codeplex or on Vertigo’s website, where they also have a ClickOnce version of the application available. 

For more information about the update – including news about the upcoming Family.Show 4, check out Tim Sneath’s blog post.

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