Feedling: Put RSS on your Desktop, Beautifully

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Cool! The MakeUseof site just discovered a nifty desktop application that lets you put RSS feeds on your desktop. And no, not in some boxed-in widget – actually overlaid on top of your desktop wallpaper as if they were part of your desktop itself!

The open-source project is called Feedling and it and its source can be found over on Sourceforge.

In technical terms, Feedling is an open-source .NET RSS feed reader that pins headlines to your Windows desktop.

Using the program is simple. After downloading and installing the application, you can configure the headlines you want to show by adding feeds under the configuration settings menu. You can even specify how the feeds should appear – that is, what font color, font type, size, hover color and update interval they should use.

The end result is a feed reader (of sorts) that doesn’t pester you with unread item counts – just an attractive, but quietly updating feed of items you’ll like…when you have time to read them.

You can download Feedling from here.

(via, image credit: MakeUseof)

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