Find Out What the World Was Up To When You Were Born

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Whilst clearly the year you were born will be best remembered for the arrival of your good self (by your family and friends anyway), have you ever checked out what else was happening that year? What were the events, news stories, books and movies that shaped society that year? The Next Web will illuminate you!

Whack your birth year into and settle back for the story of your first year. Built in HTML 5, the site gently scrolls through (seemingly) everything that happened that year. I found out that in 1974, The Godfather Part II pretty much cleaned up at the box office, Stephen King published the first novel under his own name, Carrie and luminaries such as Kate Moss, Leonado di Caprio and Alanis Morissette were born. Isn’t it ironic? Not really, but it’s well worth a fun few minutes to check out what pre-occupied the world the year you were born.



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