Finding More Space On Your Hard Drive (Part 2)

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In the past, I looked at a couple of programs that can help you find more space on your hard drive: Xinorbis and WinDirStat (my current favorite). However, I recently discovered a couple more tools thanks to Steve Smith’s blog. Steve recommends a program called SpaceMonger. The current version of the program, version 2.1, claims to work on any version of Windows from 95 to XP to Server 2003. Although it doesn’t mention Windows Vista, Steve is using it on Vista with few issues. The program displays your disk space using proportionally sized rectangles so you can easily identify the places where you may be able to delete files. 

He also mentions another utility called Easy Duplicate File Finder, which he found on PCWorld’s site. However, this program was not too good for Windows Vista as it had issues with the Vista file junctions (like, for example, the program didn’t know that c:\Users\Sarah\Pictures is really the same as c:\Users\Sarah\Documents\My Pictures\). This slowed the program down quite a bit.

If you have any favorite programs to recommend, leave us a note in the comments!

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