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If you have a home office or small business, you may not have an I.T. guy or gal around that you can call when things go wrong. That’s why the website called is worth a bookmark. Save it now, because you might need it later! On this site, you’ll find valuable information about your printer, including documentation, links to driver downloads, and even links to the repair kits you may need to order.

To use the site, you simply enter in your printer make and model in the search box provided. When your search results display, you’ll find all the documentation about the printer that the website has available on the left-hand side of the page and, on the right, there will be links to the matching forum posts. From the “Reference” tab at the top of the page, you can search for part #s, model #s, and even engine #s for printers or click the links provided to search error codes, find documentation, drivers, and more.

There’s nothing too fancy about this site, but sometimes simple is better. Even without too many bells and whistles, is still a useful resource for anyone stuck troubleshooting their own printer. (via AppScout)

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