Fizzik Launches Public Beta

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Last month, we told you about Fizzik, a new “social” web browser designed for keeping up with news, video and social media. Web services like .NET and WPF are used in the software which is also built on top of Internet Explorer.

At the time of the original announcement, the browser was not yet available for testing, but now it has launched its public beta. TechFlash caught up with the Fizzik team, all ex-Microsoft employees, at a recent Seattle meetup and recorded a demo of the browser in action.

As you can see in the video, Fizzik splits the screen with search streams on the side (supported services include Twitter, YouTube, and others) and the actual content on the other.

For example, you could search Twitter for a keyword and then click through on the links in the tweets to see the articles they mention. YouTube searches work the same way, with videos displaying on the right side and the search on the left. 

When asked why we need a whole new browser for this, co-founder Grant BlahaErath explained that as a small startup, they had the opportunity to innovate where the big guys can’t for delivering innovative search results for social media.

You can sign up to test the beta from the Fizzik homepage here.

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