Flight Simulator Returns!

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Microsoft’s classic game Flight Simulator is returning 28 years after its debut, then called “Microsoft Flight Simulator 1.0.” Today, it will just be known as “Microsoft Flight.” In the new vision, Flight will reinvent itself for the era of modern PC gaming, inviting both long-time fans and new users to “experience the magic of flight,” reads the teaser on the website at www.microsoft.com/games/flight.

The game is still in development, but an alpha version is almost ready for internal testing, Kevin Unangst, a senior director in Microsoft's game unit, recently told CNET News. But don’t expect a public beta this year, he said.

Details on gameplay are few, as are screenshots, but the “Flight” website does have a  teaser video available which shows a prop plane soaring over sparkling water as the sun rises, casting everything with a an orange-ish glow.

“Flight” isn’t the only game to be resurrected. Another classic, “Age of Empires,” is also returning in a new online version and it is taking sign ups for its beta launching in 2010. According to the news release, Age of Empires invites players to watch their own Greek civilization grow from village to empire, while embarking on quests and adventures, either solo or with friends.

You can learn more about all these games and other new releases at microsoft.com/games.


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