Foursquare Comes to Windows Mobile

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The mobile social network Foursquare has just become available as an (unofficial) Windows Phone application. In case you’re unfamiliar, the idea behind this mobile social network is a bit different than other location-based networks like Brightkite, for example. Where on Brightkite, you post short status updates as you would on Twitter, Foursquare turns mobile social networking into a game. With this application, you’re rewarding for “checking in” at new locations, for doing new things, and for meeting new people. The more you play, the more points and badges you earn.

Foursquare is available already as both an iPhone application and a mobile web site, but now, thanks to Anand Iyer, there’s a Windows Phone version of this game, too. Anand admits his app is somewhat rudimentary since he’s not a designer and really not a regular programmer either. However, he has cranked out this .NET 3.5 app written in C# which uses cell towers to determine your location. By accessing Foursquare’s API, you’re presented with a list of places you can check into and you can also do searches for a venue if need be.

The application is still being tested, so if you want to help out with that process, just send him an email and he’ll send you the CAB file to download.

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