Freeware Tool Helps Admins Create Deployable MSI Packages

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AppDeploy Repackager is a free tool for IT professionals that packages apps for deployment with just the click of the button. Although still in beta, the tool has already become an invaluable resource to many IT pros looking for an easy way to package apps for enterprise deployment. Unlike other tools like InstEd or ORCA, you can’t edit MSI files with this app - it simply lets you package your legacy programs.

The AppDeploy program also allows for sharing project files with others in the AppDeploy community as it utilizes a specialized file format which contains no personal info or binaries. It works because no registry data is actually contained in the project file – it only points to variables in the registry instead. So when a project file is used to create an MSI, all the files and registry data are based on the contents of the local system. To use one of these project files, you just install, license, and configure the software as desired then build an MSI file using the shared project file. There’s no need to perform a snapshot first. In the future, the shared project files will have their own portal where users can upload, download, rate, and comment on the submissions. Until then, a special forum has been set up to house the files instead.

This program only handles file and registry data, so more complex setups requiring services, device drivers, environment variables, and INI file entries may not work. To use the tool, you’ll need XP SP2+, Vista SP1+, 1 GB RAM, and a clean system for performing repackaging. The download is available from here.

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