Gallery of Downloadable Webslices for IE8

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There’s a new site called where those of you running the IE 8 Release Candidate can browse through and install Webslices from an online gallery. Webslices are a new way to keep up with frequently updated webpages using the new version of IE. When you subscribe to a Webslice (look for a green button), the “slice” is added to your Favorites bar sort of like a bookmark. You can click on the Webslice/bookmark anytime to see a dynamic window appear with relevant info about that web page – all without leaving the page you’re currently browsing.

The new Liveslices site is not a Microsoft-owned property, but the look of its design has a similar feel to those sites we’re seeing in the Microsoft family of websites, including the one for IE 8. (Right down to the same font!) In other words, it has a clean and simple layout.

When you click into the Liveslices gallery, you’re presented with a list of Webslices to choose from and the company promises that they’re going to keep adding to this list.

The ones they currently have available are pretty cool – there are Webslices for Flickr, Twitter, feeds, Gmail, CNN, MSNBC, and more. My favorites (clearly) are the Twitter, Gmail, and Feed ones. With the Gmail and Twitter slices, you can click to see the latest from both your Twitter account and your inbox. The feed one is also great for keep up with your favorite sites. Photogs will love the two Flickr slices for checking out the most interesting photos and the uploads from everyone.

Although the site is brand-new, it’s clearly off to a good start. Got any suggestions for how they can improve? You can leave a comment on their blog here.

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