Gestures…The New Touch?

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Gestures are getting hot, are they not? Lately, I’ve noticed a bunch of apps that let you use mouse gestures to execute predefined commands or actions. But this is hardly a new trend…apps like StrokeIt, the Windows-only global mouse gestures app were getting attention as far back as spring 2007. So why the resurgence now, I wonder?

I’ve recently come across freeware like Mazzrick, a portable mouse gesture utility that lets you create your own custom gestures, and the full-featured gMote which, in addition to being portable, supports over 30 actions.

Given the usability of these freeware/donationware programs, I’m not sure why someone would pay for a mouse gestures app, but mgLaunch ($29.95) is hoping you will. Their app launcher is skinnable, so maybe that’s what makes it worth it? I’m not sure, but it also crossed my radar not too long ago, so it may be worth a look. 


Another gesture-based utility is the IE plugin called simply “Mouse Gestures for Internet Explorer.” With this software, you can control various tasks related to your web surfing – like opening and closing windows -  just by drawing a simple symbol on the screen. (Works with XP/Vista/64-bit,  too).

But with computers getting smaller and more portable, I would think more people are using the touchpad than the mouse. Still, the netbook phenomenon may have people starting to pack a mini mouse to go, too, since those netbook touchpads are crazy small.

Are you a fan of mouse gesture applications? If so, feel free to share which ones you like and recommend in the comments.

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