Get Ready for the Camera That Can See Around Corners

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A team at MIT are developing a new technology that is sure to delight spies the world over – it’s a camera that can see around corners, according to Tech Watch.

The technology, three years in development and still a long way from the market, utilises a short burst of high intensity laser light to illuminate the scene, then captures minute amounts of light that reflect off objects hidden around the corner to create the image.

Professor Ramesh Raskar, from MIT Media Lab outlines the potential uses for the “femtosecond transient imaging system", "You could generate a map before you go into a dangerous place like a building fire, or a robotic car could use the system to compute the path it should take around a corner before it takes it".

Whilst the potential uses for the technology are many, when it comes to motoring, let’s remember that if you can see around corners, others around that corner can see you - who’d like to bet that one of the first applications for MIT’s invention is an even more covert road safety camera?


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    blowing them up

    thanks that's all we need a new way to make the government money. if you want to come up with somethink good come up with a way to blow speed camera up. with out being nicked

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