Get Ready to Ditch Your USB Cables. TransferJet v2 is On the Way.

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TransferJet is a seriously cool technology, which transforms the mundane task of transferring files between devices into a little piece of wireless tech magic that you’ll love demonstrating to family and friends. TransferJet enabled devices can transmit files wirelessly by simply being in close proximity to other compatible devices – think phone to PC, digital camera to TV.

 I first saw TransferJet at CES in 2009 where I spent an awesome 20 minutes with Toshiba holding a PDA over a compatible notebook to wirelessly transfer digital photos back and forth. No buttons to push, no dialogs to look after, just hover and zap! Yes, I did this for 20 minutes - it's that cool. Check out the video of TransferJet in action, and you’ll see why.

TransferJet devices have been slow to hit the market, with only a few digital cameras and USB docks released in Japan to date. But that may be set to change in 2011, thanks to a second generation chip which is due to be released by Sony. Hot Hardware reports that the new transceiver increases transfer speed to up to 300 Mbps and reduces power consumption, improving its fit for mobile devices.

I’m hoping the cost will come down to get this tech into my mobile life next year and my tickets are already booked for CES 2011, where we’ll hear more about TransferJet v2. Who needs USB cables and complex Wi-Fi transfers anyway?




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    Not bad.  Though Windows Phone 7 / Zune wireless sync is just as convenient.  And I believe I've seen a Windows Phone 7 app that lets you send local content to a DLNA compatible device or PC for direct playback.  But if don't have access to the wifi network, this is an interesting option.

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