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The latest version of the Media Center Status Application (version 0.5.1) has added in additional Twitter support for receiving updates while in Media Center. This tool already let you update your Facebook or Twitter status to reflect what you’re doing in Media Center (ex: “is listening to…”, “is watching….”, etc.),  but now the app pulls in updates from your friends, too, and displays them on the screen. The updates appear in a pop-up window that appears at the bottom-right where it looks very much like the windows that appear when using native applications. Depending on how long the message is, the status updates will appear for anywhere from 5 to 10 seconds. The app’s configuration tool also lets you define the interval for how often updates are fetched from Twitter. (Don’t set this over 99 per hour as Twitter limits the queries to 100 times per hour.) You can get the latest version of this application from here.

(via How to Code)

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