Get Your Facebook Calendar in Windows Live (Take #2)

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A couple of months ago, we looked at a way you could export you Facebook calendar and import it into Windows Live using a link provided on the Facebook web site. Basically, that tip involved heading to on Facebook and choosing “Export Events.” You could then access a link which you could subscribe to in Windows Live Calendar.

Recently, though, Redmond Pie introduced us to a different way of getting our calendars to sync - this time by using a third-party service called fbCal. Now fbCal isn’t anything new – we also looked at this ages ago as a way to port Facebook calendars into Outlook. However, using it with Windows Live Calendar is new.

Some people may find working with fbCal easier than having to navigate through Facebook, but ultimately it’s going to be a personal preference. I think the most obvious reason to go this route instead of the manual method is because fbCal works with a lot of different products, including Outlook, Google, iCal, and more – so it’s a great way to easily get your Facebook calendars into all the services you use.

If you want to try the fbCal method, the steps & screenshots can be found here.

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