Get all “Minority Report”-ish with your Windows PC

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If you’ve seen the movie Minority Report, then you definitely remember the scene where Tom Cruise is interacting with a semi-transparent upright computer screen using only his glove-encased hands. Although we’re not quite there yet, we’ve been making progress – Microsoft Surface being one example. The latest? Software that lets you interact with videos a la Tom Cruise – that is, using gestures.

Called DimP, this software is a direct manipulation video player that uses the objects of the film as timeline sliders. In other words, you can grab any object in a video and then drag it to move the video backwards or forwards. Looks like you still have to use the mouse though – it doesn’t appear to respond to waving hands just yet.

The DimP application works on Windows XP and Vista but has some known issues on Windows 7.

You have to see the video to fully understand how amazing this is:


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