Getting the Most Out of SkyDrive

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If you've been using Windows Live SkyDrive, then you already know how handy it is to have your most important files available to you online, accessible from anywhere that has an internet connection. But are you getting the most out of SkyDrive? Check out the following tips below to find out!

1. Embedding SkyDrive files online: SkyDrive is more than just free online storage - you can also share your files on the internet in a number of ways. You can either use the URL to link to your shared file, or you can embed a badge linking to your file. You can choose from one of three badges styles for the embed. Check out this blog for an example of all three.

2. Get the SkyDrive Live Writer plugin: Bloggers using Live Writer will love this one - there is a SkyDrive plugin available for Live Writer that lets you put the embed code for a SkyDrive file or folder into a blog entry created with Live Writer. You can also browse your SkyDrive files from within the plugin to choose what file you want to embed.

3. Use the drag-and-drop upload feature: drag-and-dropping your files makes uploading so much easier. To use this feature, go to the folder you want to add files to and click on "Add files." At the bottom of the page, click on "Install this upload tool." Install the ActiveX control (the yellow information bar should pop-up - click it, click "Install ActiveX Control, then click "Install.") Upload away!

4. Subscribe to a friend's SkyDrive RSS feed: To subscribe to a SkyDrive RSS feed, go to the public folder that you’re interested in, and click on the orange RSS Feed at the top right of the page. Then, anytime that folder is updated, you’ll be notified.

5. Get alerted in Messenger when a friend shares a SkyDrive file: After adding your friend to your Windows Live Messenger contact list, you will see a yellow "gleam" next to their name when they share a new file on SkyDrive. Their contact card will show the last few files they've uploaded.

6. Play Music & Video on your Space Using SkyDrive: this site has an excellent post on how you can use SkyDrive to play music & video in Windows Live Spaces.

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