Gigabyte’s Booktop T1125 Offers Three Form Factors for the Price of One

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“A PC for every occasion”, that’s what I say. There’s times, especially when you’re on the move from meeting to meeting where a Tablet PC is perfect for scribbling notes, checking your emails at a glance and of course, browsing the web quickly.

But then a notebook really works when you’re out and about, and get a little downtime. Grab a coffee, hit up the Wi-Fi, and you’re set for an hour or two’s work – perfect for productivity.

Working at my desk, however, there’s just something great about a desktop PC – a great wired Ethernet connection, full-sized keyboard and mouse, and best of all? My chair.

So, I like tablets and I like notebooks. But I love desktops too. So when it comes to buying my next PC, how am I going to decide? Gigabyte may well have the answer.

Arriving later this month is the new Booktop T1125 – an 11.6” touchscreen PC that looks remarkably like a notebook, but can flip gracefully into a tablet PC form factor, and comes with a very cool docking station that transforms the Booktop into a Desktop.

It is set to ship with the choice of an Intel Core i3/i5 ULV (ultra-low voltage) processor, NVIDIA’s Optimus graphics technology to maximise battery life and super-fast USB 3.0 for nippy file transfers. Once slotted in the docking station, you can take advantage of an integrated DVD-ROM, or simply sit back and look at the vertical mounting as a work of art.

Netbook News has a video of the Booktop in action, if you want to know more. Now there's no need to pick a favourite form factor, you can have all three!


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    I definitely think these docks are where things are going with Convertibles and Slates.  The T1125 looks like it is a pretty lightweight device...and thats great.  At $1299 though, this is a bit pricey in my opinion.  You can get a HP TM2 for $850 today and that includes a wacom stylus.  One other critique about this particular dock station...its not clear it has a HDMI port which is crucial if you want to playback any protected content.  Also, I would have much preferred a dock that lets you seat the device at an angle.

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    Could someone send me one of these please? 

    (In exchange I will blog my experiences in developing and using day to day)


    Well, if you don't ask ....

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    Please link the the MFG web site when you list stuff.

    there is a link in this post with the name / model of the device, as it did not say where it went i thought it was to the Mfg but it's not.

    if you link to another site show that in the link perhaps with the name of the site like this:



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