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Now that the dev preview beta of Internet Explorer 8 is out, you may notice some bugs here and there, since it's still a beta (translation = not done yet!). But did you know that you can check to see if your bug has been reported yet? And if it hasn't, you can tell the IE8 team about it. On the IE Blog, they give you the details about how to read up on the current known issues and how to let them know about new ones. And here's how:

  1. Read the IE8 Release notes - this is where you can check to see if this is a known issue.
  2. Check the issues listed on Connect - if you find your issue there, rate it! This is how they know how many people find it important.
  3. Found something new? You can visit the IE beta newsgroup - the IE guys will be monitoring this group for new issues and can file bug reports on your behalf.

Oh, and the Windows Live guys want you to know that if you find any problems between IE8 and any of the Windows Live Services, you can just comment on their blog. We're listening!

The Discussion

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    Mark Bullock

    In the Address bar, you dim the URL except for the domain.  This makes it hard to read the URL when it's projected on a screen for a group presentation.
    Instead, make the domain bold and the rest of the URL in the normal font.
    Thanks, Mark

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