Go Retro: Get XP Themes for Windows 7

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Remember Royale Blue, Luna, Luna Silver and even the Zune XP desktop themes? Those feeling nostalgic for XP’s old-school looks may be interested to know that all of these have been ported, unofficially of course, to the Windows 7 platform. Over on the independent design community DeviantArt, a user by the name of “Satukoro” has been hard at work delivering versions of these themes to Windows 7 in both Aero and Basic formats.

Once installed, you’ll be presented with the same bubbly, shiny toolbars and window stylings you remember from days past. I’ll admit that this isn’t something I’d do – I happen to like Windows 7’s themes – but some of you may think otherwise. Plus sometimes it’s fun to do this kind of stuff just because you can.

Note that installing these themes requires a bit of file hacking – details are here. The links to each of these themes is listed below:

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