Goodbye Microsoft Works, Hello Office Starter 2010

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    Aleksei Vassiljev

    Cool, but generally at home people just use pirated version of Office. So who would like to use reduced-functional product if you may use full-functional for free?


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    I must be an odball. I LIKE Works! I like the document templates, especially those for employment resumes, and various projects like greeting cards and nice achivement awards. Office is much too complicated for me. I have to layout pages for myself, and plan out the look and spacing for resumes and manuscripts. I would like to see new PCs come with a variety of word processing software preloaded. That way, users could try them and decide for THEMSELVES which they prefer. I mean, how hard is it to delete Works from your hard drive? Can you spell L-A-Z-Y? I always take a few moments to get rid of all that useless stock market and financial software. And Aleksei, using pirated software is ILLEGAL! The writers, planners and designers who worked so hard to produce those programs earn NOTHING for copies of their work that is stolen (bootlegged or pirated). That is just plain wrong in any language! How would you like to put in hundreds of hours designing something only to learn that some theif had bootlegged it, and you weren't going to get paid a single cent? I know I'd be pi*sed off!

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    Yeah, but even though piracy is illegal, it IS present, in every country. Specially those with people who can't but the original software. And some of them do almost nothing to stop it (My country, Brazil, is a example).
    I don't support piracy! Don't get me wrong. But if the original were cheaper, there would be no piracy.

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