Gorgeous Metro UI-Inspired Windows 7 Theme

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There’s a new Windows 7 theme in the works over on DeviantArt and it’s inspired by the new metro UI featured in the upcoming Windows Phone 7 Series devices. Created by DeviantArt member, fediaFedia, the theme is designed for use in Rainmeter, a desktop customization platform for Windows. With Rainmeter, you can skin Windows, add gadgets, and even embed data streams like email, RSS, Twitter, etc into your theme. And it appears that the new Windows Phone theme will do just that – the screenshots show feeds and Twitter posts within the theme’s background in addition to tiles like those you’d see on a WP7S device. And the tiles work, too! According to the theme’s description, there are “nearly 30 interactive panels” included with the theme and 24+ different colored skins, including glass.

This theme is still in the works, though – you can’t download it just yet. But keep an eye on this page for updates.

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