Hack Toll-Free Phone Trees

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Do you hate dialing those toll-free numbers that force to you to navigate through a phone tree just to get to a real, live person on the phone? Designed to route calls (and possibly to frustrate people to the point of hanging up), complex phone trees waste your valuable time. A service called BRINGO can end the phone tree nightmare. BRINGO navigates phone trees so you don't have to. To use BRINGO, use the list on the BRINGO website to find the company you'd like to call by category (credit cards, mortgages, loans, health care, etc.) or by name. Enter in your phone number (they company promises to never disclose this information). Wait for BRINGO to call you back. When your phone rings, pick up and you'll have an actual human being from the company on the phone. Watch this ABC news video to see BRINGO in action. Genius. (Thanks to The Raw Feed!)

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