Halo Madness Starts in NYC

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The launch of the next installment in the popular Halo series is almost upon us. At 12:10 AM on Tuesday, September 14th, millions of fans will at last be able to purchase Halo:Reach, the prequel to the trilogy of Halo games already released. But for those fans who live in New York City, there’s an event that can’t be missed: the Best Buy Theater in Times Square will be hosting a marquee event where fans will get to play the game just before it goes on sale, meet the creators of “Halo,” win Halo-themed prizes and experience a “surprise” musical performance.

West coast fans won’t be missing out though – at the Music Project | Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame in Seattle, Bungie developers will greet fans on Sept. 13th during the countdown to launch. There will also be prizes and fans will get to play the game early there, too.

Even if you’re not located in one of these cities, a number of retailers will be holding their own celebrations, including Best Buy, GameStop, Wal-Mart, Toys”R”Us and many others, so check out your own local shops for details.


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