Have a More Relaxing Rebuild With Ninite

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Whilst reinstalling Windows on a PC may not be a task we cherish, I’m sure many of us who like to live on the sharper edge of the PC world are well used to installing the OS, drivers and Windows Updates, after which comes the tedious task of downloading and installing our favourite apps.

Short of a quick reimage courtesy of our favourite imaging software or a rebuild from Windows Home Server, one of the quickest ways of getting many of the essential apps up and running is using the download service at ninite.com

No, it’s not one of those download services, it’s all above board, thank you very much. Ninite allows you to select from a host of popular applications, freely available from around the web – media players, PDF viewers, security products and a whole lot more. Simply create a shopping list of all of the apps you need, and Ninite builds a bespoke installer just for you, which plucks said applications from the various download sites around the web, and automates their installation.

Once started, there’s no further interaction required, and in a few minutes, all of your apps are ready on the PC, leaving you a little extra time to work out what you did to cause the need to reinstall the PC in the first place.


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    Ninite rocks. It makes it so easy to install those essential apps. It's always first on my list when setting up a new system (after removing the non-essential apps).

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