Hide Your Tweets in Fake Excel Sheet

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I really love all those “hide your goofing off at work”-type applications because A) if your workplace is so uncool as to not realize that you need some downtime, then you deserve this stuff and B) I just sort of love subversion. That being the case, I have share this latest app with you: SpreadTweet. Like it sounds, this is indeed a Twitter client, but one where your stream of tweets is hidden in the interface of Microsoft Excel. OK, it’s not really Excel – it’s a desktop application that looks just like Excel, but still – how cool is that? It even comes with three different skins that let it seamlessly blend into your system: Excel 2003, 2007, and a skin for OSX users.

If your company has banished Twitter from the workplace, beware – the app still has to makes internet connections, of course, so you could get in trouble. But if you’re just trying to hide how much of a Twitter addict you are, this can definitely help. 

(via Download Squad)

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