How Can You Fit 120GB into 26 cm3?

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The days of super-small, super-fast and super-high capacity storage are nigh. You threw your floppies in the bin an age ago. They were followed by the zip drive, CD and DVD as limited storage media. USB thumb drives are great, but 16GB or 32GB will last you a little while – how about something a little better?

Enter LaCie’s FastKey – capacities up to 120GB, SuperSpeed USB 3.0 transfer speeds of 260 MB/s (that’s equivalent to 1000 mp3s per minute), and all in a drive that fits very neatly into the palm of your hand, or 26 cm3 for the Archimedes fans out there.

LaCie have dropped 256-bit AES Encryption on to the FastKey too, so if you’re worried that your Blu-Ray rip collection is going to fall into the wrong hands, then relax, it’s secure.

Now your only concern is locating the myriad 512MB thumb drives around the house that are destined for the trash!



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    Vimal Patel

    People will soon be throwing around these keys for free!! technology never stops moving!

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