How Do You Run Windows Live?

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Mike Torres, a member of the Windows Live team, recently posted an article detailing how he uses the Windows Live suite of programs. It's an interesting read, because Mike really uses Windows Live to its fullest as well as running almost 100% Microsoft software at home. He says he wants to "eat the Microsoft dog food," and that he does - in addition to Windows Live, he also runs Media Center on Vista Ultimate, Zune, Office 2007, Visual Studio, Office Communicator, Expression Studio, and Money 2007. 

Mike then goes on to detail how he uses all aspects of the Windows Live suite - Hotmail, Live Mail, Windows Live for Windows Mobile, Messenger, FolderShare, OneCare, Windows Live Photo Gallery, Windows Live Writer, SkyDrive, Spaces, and Windows Live Events.

Since most of us use web services piecemeal, choosing our favorite app for the particular job at hand, it's cool to hear from someone who uses every piece of the online suite. As he says, "Windows without Live on it feels plain these days - sort of like how Xbox must feel without Xbox LIVE."

I have to admit, there are certain things in Windows Live suite that I almost think of as just a part of Windows now, like Windows Live Photo Gallery and Live Mail. When I went to set up a new Vista installation recently, I had to remind myself to go out and download them again. I personally love Windows Live Photo Gallery's "Send to flickr" feature - what a timesaver that is! I'm also a huge fan of SkyDrive, an online storage option where you have a gig of free storage for your files (of any type - not just Office docs!). And of course, I don't even know what I would do without Live Writer.

You can check out the Windows Live Suite at Or, if you're already using it, let me know what your favorite features are, too!

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