How to Add a Bing Search Box to Your Website

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The Bing Site Owner’s page is a part of the Bing web service that helps webmasters add a Bing search box to their website. The process for doing this is very simple – and you don’t need to know any code to get started.

From the main page, you have one of two options: A basic search box or an advanced search box. The basic box will display search results on the Bing website. The box can be configured to search just your own web site or the entire web. The other option is an advanced search box which will display the search results right on your own site. You can also specify multiple sites for it to search, the entire web, or you can apply a Bing Macro.

After you click “Get Started” on the Basic Search box, you’re taken to a Help page where there’s code you can copy and paste. You’ll have to replace a bit of code (the “CODE PAGE USED BY YOUR HTML PAGE” section) before pasting, though. That refers to the code page number of the language your website is written in. For example, a western European-based (also known as Latin 1) language, such as French, English, or German, would replace this instruction with the number 1252. You can find other code page numbers here.

If you click “Get Started” underneath the Advanced Search box option, you’ll be taken to a wizard where you fill in info like display name and site name and can check boxes for web search and search macro. After clicking “Next” you can then customize the box’s size and color. You’re then given code to copy-and-paste. Although this takes a few more steps than the basic box, you may find it easier in the long run to go this route since you don’t have to replace anything in the code.

Either way, in a matter of moments, you’ll have a Bing box which you can add to any site.



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