How to Embed Your Windows Live Calendar on Your Website

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The Windows Live team just updated their blog with information on how you can embed your Windows Live Calendar on any blog or website. To do so, you’ll need to use a feature called “badges” that lets you create a mini-calendar and list of events. When embedded on a website, visitors can interact with the calendar badge by clicking the arrows to go forward and back through the months and they can click on the titles of events in the event list to open them up and see more information.

To create your own calendar badge, do the following:

  1. In Live Calendar, click on the calendar you want to embed in the left side of the page to bring up the calendar settings page.
  2. Click Edit sharing, and then Share this calendar.
  3. Check the box for Make your Calendar public, and then click Get your calendar links.
  4. Click Preview in a web browser—the pop up shows a URL like this:
  5. From that URL, you need to get the cid and the calendar name which you can then use in this HTML code: <iframe src=[user-code]&cal=[calendar-name]></iframe>

(I bolded the parts to replace. Just replace user-code with the cid and the calendar name with the calendar name! Don’t include the brackets, though.)

With that HTML code now customized with your cid and calendar info, you’re able embed the badge onto any website. More more details on this technique, refer to the blog post.

The Discussion

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    Two-way intergration of Live Calendar with Outlook is still not working and since all my appointments have already been set in Outlook and that is where I get requests for new appts, Live Calendar is not my choice for an online calendar system. If anyone has any idea how to make this work, I would appreciate the help otherwise consider this feedback for the dev team. (Comments on the original blog post is turned off, so I post here.)

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    ecofriend, I have been syncing Live Calendar with Outlook for some time now.  I'm an Office Live customer and soley using Live services for email/calendar for our small business.  If you don't already, you need Outlook Connector installed.   If I understand correctly you were using the "local" Outlook Calendar prior to Live Calendar and now want to import your pre-existing appointments into one of your Live Calendar(s).  First you need to export your existing calendar (right click on your local calendar, Save As, specify file name (for iCalendar file), etc. and click Save).  Then click/select your Live Calendar in Outlook to make sure it has the focus.  From Outlook File menu, select Import and Export..., select "Import and iCalendar (.ics)" from list, click next, select previously saved *.ics file, click on Import.  I'd then click on the Send/Receive All and after sync has completed, log into to verify your items are there.  I have no idea how/if this works with reoccuring appointments.  Finally, once you have verified Live Calendar has the items you will probably want to remove the local calendar from Outlook.

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    Hi John, thanks for your suggestion.  I have Outlook Connector installed. I am using Office 2003 and maybe that is the issue since I do not see the option to save as .ics file format either by right-clicking or going to File menu (while in Calendar). I should be getting an upgrade in a few days and will see if Outlook 2007 has those options. I will post my experience after I get the upgrade.

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    I was able to repeat John's suggestion using Office 2007. I still cannot update the live calendar from Outlook but changes made in Live Calendar are correctly reflected in Outlook. It would be nice to be able to use Outlook to update Live Calendar since I have Outlook running at all times but not necessarily a web browser.

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