How to Get RSS feeds for any Bing Search

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Although you may not see an RSS icon appear when you do a search on the new search engine,, the feeds are there if you want them. As with the old search engine at, getting a feed for any search result is as simple as adding an extra parameter to the end of your search results URL.

To do so, first just do a search as usual for whatever topic you want the feed for. Then, up in the address bar, append “&format=rss” (without the quotes, of course) to the end of the URL.

Doing so will deliver you to a page that looks like this (using the query “swine flu” as the example):


You’ll see that you’re provided with an RSS feed to copy and paste into your feed reader as well as a few other options for online readers including My MSN, My Yahoo, and Bloglines.


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    Rick Kirkham

    Is anyone else experiencing a low number of search results when you create a feed reader through php from bing rss search results?

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