How to Make Bing Your Default Search Engine on iPhone

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You may have heard the news that with the launch of the iPhone’s new operating system, iOS 4, you now have the option to change your search provider from the default to use Bing instead.

However, if you’ve never monkeyed around with your phone’s settings, you may not know where to look to find this option. It’s not a feature you’ll find within the Web browser (Safari) itself, you actually have to go into the phone’s settings to make the switch.

It’s not hard though – it just takes a few steps:

  1. Launch the iPhone’s “Settings” app
  2. Scroll down to “Safari” and tap it to see Safari’s settings
  3. Tap “Search Engine”
  4. Tap “Bing”
  5. Exit the Settings app


That was easy, wasn’t it?

For an even more feature-rich experience, including social search and barcode scanning, check out the native Bing app here.

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