How to Make Zune-Compatible Movies with Movie Maker

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If you have Windows Live Movie Maker and the new Zune HD media player, then you’re going to want to download these new custom profiles right away. Thanks to a recent update from the Windows Live Team blog, we’ve learned there are two new profiles that let you save movies in a format especially designed for the Zune HD. And one that lets you play from a Zune HD device to an HDTV at 720p resolution, too.

The first of the two profiles, “Zune HD – Device,”  creates a WMV files with a bitrate and resolution that matches the default for the Zune HD device (480x272).

The other profile, “Zune HD – 720p High Definition,” is optimized for playing back content on your HDTV via the Zune HD AV Dock. This uses a higher bitrate and more advanced Windows Media codecs (Windows Media Audio 10 Pro & Windows Media Video Advanced Profile) than the standard 720p profile already built into Windows Live Movie Maker.

Both are available for download here (zip file).

Installation instructions can be found on the Windows Live Team blog along with instructions as to how you can make your own custom profiles too, if desired.

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