How to Put Folders on Your Windows 7 Taskbar

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In previous versions of Windows, some people dragged folders to their Quick Launch bar for easy access. Now that Quick Launch has been replaced by the Windows 7 taskbar, how can this be done? The answer is simple – use the “Links” toolbar instead. To pin multiple folders to the taskbar, you only need to right-click on the taskbar, open the Toolbars menu and check the “Links” entry. Then you can open a Windows Explorer window and drag the folder to the Links bar. Doing this adds a shortcut to that folder which you can easily access from the taskbar. Don’t forget, if you want to expand the Links toolbar and give it more room on the taskbar, you need to right-click and unlock the toolbar first in order to move it around. (By the way, this is an easy way to add the Recycle Bin to the Taskbar!)


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The Discussion

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    Sounds like the windows 7 taskbar is missing some features from the "older" ones.

    Whats with WMP-toolbar/taskbar-docking? The new preview/quicklaunch of WMP 12 is no good substition.

    And why can't i make additional taskbars/toolbars? you know just pulling a folder on the side of the desktop and "getting" an additional toolbar?

    -> these two points are the biggest old features im missing at the moment on windows 7

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