How to Upload Mobile Photos to Windows Live

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If you take a lot of photos with your mobile phone while out and about, then you’re probably always on the lookout for a good way to get them off the phone so you can share them with others. One way, of course, is to return home and sync your phone with your PC. But who has time for that? I prefer using applications and/or email in order to upload my photos directly to my favorite online services.

Since Windows Live Photos gives me 25 free GB of online storage for photos, I wanted to know if there was an easy way to get my photos off my phone and into the cloud without having to use my PC as the middleman. As it turns out, there is.

Windows Live lets you email in your photos to their service from any device, including your phone. The steps are easy:

1. On a PC, go to, click Options, and then click E-mail publishing.

2. Complete the steps to turn on e-mail publishing. Note the e-mail address for the photo album that you want to add photos to.

3. On your phone, create an e-mail or MMS message.

4. Send the message to the photo album's e-mail address. Note: To add a caption for your photos, enter it as the message subject.

I just tried it and my pictures showed up immediately!

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    Phone manufacturers really need to grasp that the function of "not sharing" should be easy. So that sharing is the default because one or three private photos of some of my girlfriends are naked on my mobile phone camera which means that I have to laboriously add the majority that are just fine individually in order to share which is hard. Shozu works very well in this respect.

    That's an insight from someone who takes a lot of photos and tries to share a lot too. Maybe someone will pick up on it as I've tried to make it a memorable comment. Albeit completely true.

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