How to have a Fully Social Outlook

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Earlier this month, the Outlook Social Connector at long last added in Facebook and Windows Live integration to complement the LinkedIn and MySpace integration already present.

The Connector now pulls in Facebook profile photos for your contacts, lets you see a contact’s most recent Facebook status update and displays their recently posted items, like their new photos. It also tracks all the recent activity with a selected contact, including email sent and received, meetings and shared attachments, no matter which plugin or plugins you choose to use with it.

Now, thanks to a simple new feature from a company called Amplify, you can augment your “social” Outlook experience even further. The company has just introduced a “post-by-email” option that lets you simultaneously share content to Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz, FriendFeed, Tumblr, Bloggers, Posterous, WordPress and more just my emailing it in. It’s the perfect complement to the Social Connector.

After signing up for Amplify, you’re provided with a unique email address which you use to post. The Subject line becomes the post’s title and the body becomes the post’s content. Attached photos are also posted to the social networks of your choice.

You can even specify in any given email which services to post to if it’s not always going to be the same ones each time. Using the “autopost” command about the message’s body, you can direct where this message should be posted. So, for example, if you want to post something to Twitter and Facebook, you’d just type autopost twitter facebookon the first line and your tweet/post on the 2nd.

To get started with the Social Connector, you’ll first need to grab the Social Connector itself from the download page (if you haven’t already) then head over here to grab the social networking plugins you want to use. To try Amplify, you can sign up here.

(hat tip: TheNextWeb)

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