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Forget paying $30 for PlayOn, if all you want is Hulu on your Media Center PC, it looks like there will be yet another option soon. A new third party extension called is coming soon which will let you browse and watch Hulu video on any machine that runs Windows Vista Media Center. According the developer, the plugin is already fully functional, he’s just ironing out a few kinks. He also noted that he plans on testing it on Windows 7 and media center extenders, as the goal is for it to work on extenders (He has 2 Xbox 360’s, so you know he’s motivated!). He said that it will probably work on extenders now, though.

To find out when it gets released, keep checking the site – it looks like it will be very soon. It also looks like this plugin will be beating Boxee to the punch, whose Windows version of their software is still in alpha.

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    Awesome ambition, with alot of appeal.  But it does beg the question why Microsoft hasn't done more to attract new partnerships.  As I mentioned in another post, I think part of the problem is that XBox/Media Center are separate development efforts.  Hulu (and others) might love to get on XBox but don't have the resources or see the purpose of developing for another Microsoft entertainment platform.  Thats why I think its vital for Microsoft to unify the XBox/Media Center development story for non-gaming content providers. 

    The one issue with this particular add-in is that I believe he is shelling out of Media Center to launch the web based Hulu interface. I've seen this in other add-ins, and it doesn't make for a very fluid user experience. Obviously this is still under development and subject to I'm hopefully he is able to create a consistent Media Center UI all the way down to the streaming.  Keeping my fingers crossed.

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    Mario Albertico Magana

    Awesome...hope he figured out a way to get the High Quality option in there. Use all the time, so this will be great.

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    so am I Smiley
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    FINALLY! Hulu on my TV! I've been waiting for this forever, goodbye cable bills!

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