IE8 “Unboxing” Video

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In the tech world, “unboxing” videos have surged in popularity over the years as recording and uploading video to the web became easier than ever for anyone to do. As soon as a gadget geek gets their hands on the latest shiny new contraption, a video of them carefully unwrapping and unboxing the gadget and all its little components is soon to follow. In that spirit, the IE team recently posted an “unboxing” video to their Facebook page. However, as you know, there’s nothing to really unbox with a software download like what could they possibly record? Well, as you may have guessed, the video is a parody of unboxing videos, this one featuring a “professional unboxer” by the name of Roland Wacker. The video comes across like a bit on SNL and in it, Mr. Wacker gets quite upset at an unseen nemesis by the name of Eugene. The video seems to represent a new direction for the IE8 Facebook videos page – instead of just instructional how-to’s, it looks like the team is going to have some fun too. The next video, “the History of Slices,” looks at slicing through the ages (sliced bread! surgical instruments!) and compares IE8’s web slices to the “awesomeness of samurai swords.”

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