IE9 Beta Official Launch: September 15th

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It’s official: the Internet Explorer 9 Beta will launch next month - September 15th. To kick off the launch, Microsoft is holding a special press event in San Francisco where the theme, according to the invite, is the “beauty of the Web.”

“Developers and designers are reimaging the familiar on the web. Join us in celebrating their work,” the invite reads.

To promote the event, Microsoft has also launched a site at where invitees have to type in the letters to to unlock the invitation (hint: it’s “native”). There’s not much to see here otherwise, but the site does unveil IE9’s new, shinier logo. Pretty!

We do know a lot about the upcoming browser thanks to extensive blog posts from the IE team regarding its support for web standards, including HTML 5 and CSS3. It will also offer hardware acceleration and an improved, internal JavaScript engine called “Chakra.”

What we don’t know is what IE 9 will actually look like but rumors are already circulating with speculations about that topic. Guess we have to wait to find out for sure.

The Discussion

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    I just disinstalled IE 9 beta from my pc. The main reason is that when I use the middle button to open a link in a tab, I get a white page. And since I use a lot the middle button...
    Anyway... I don't like the merge of the search box with the address box. I usually use google suggestion for my searches but I don't want that every address I write goes to google. If you really needed to save space at the top of the view, why didn't you use a disappearing address box? Even Chrome (and I think it's... ugly? yes, at least) has a better solution for the address and tabs bars...
    I really thought it was better before I installed it..

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